RouterConsole V1.1.3: RouterConsole fetches routing, arp, interface, Cisco specific tables from router

RouterConsole V1.1.3

interface graphs, cpu utilization graph, bandwidth graphs, memory graphs etc Features: 1) Displays routing table, interface table, ARP table, interface details, system details. 2) Displays various interface graphs like interface traffic graph, percentage bandwidth utilization, I/O error, packet discard graph etc. 3) Provides information about all interfaces with their active (green) and inactive (red) status. 4) With Router Console you can monitor

cisco, snmp, interface graph, routing table, interface table, ip accounting

Graybox OPC DA Auto Wrapper 1.3: OPC Automation Wrapper

Graybox OPC DA Auto Wrapper 1.3

interface. The automation interface provides nearly all of the functionality of the required and optional Interfaces in the OPC Data Access Custom Interface. If the OPC Data Access Custom server supports the interface, the functions and properties at the automation level will work. Automation interfaces generally do not support optional capabilities in the same way that the custom interface does. If the underlying custom interface omits some optional

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WinXfer 2.0: Transfers files between computers directly connected serially or by modem.

WinXfer 2.0

WinXfer is a versatile file transfer utility that allows transferring files between two computers directly connected through the serial port or through a modem. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. WinXfer has three interfaces. A GUI interface for standalone use, a command line interface for batch file use, and an application programming interface that allowa application to direclty access it.

file transfer, serial port, modem, rs232, program, client, server, utility, backup

Interface Icons 3.2: Interface Icons is a set of high-quality handmade interface interface icons

Interface Icons 3.2

interface icons come in a variety of sizes - 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20 and 16x16 - and color depths - 256 and True Color. To help you create more dynamic interfaces, the authors of Interface Icons provided icons in three basic states - normal, disabled and highlighted. The icon collection is available in ICO, GIF, PNG and BMP formats, so you don`t need to convert anything on your own! If you are searching for a great-looking set of toolbar icons

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psSendMail 1.1: Easily send e-mail directly from your custom applications. 32-bit DLL

psSendMail 1.1

interface is that the calling program must make a call to each step in the process and must utilize PChars (Pointer to array of character, null terminated). The second interface, or Quick Send Interface, is a wrapper function that internal makes a call to each of the appropriate functions from the first interface. The downside to this interface is that you cannot supply CC or BCC addresses and the To, Subject, and Message Body are each limited to

email, smtp, send, access, send e mail, paradox, visual basic, delphi

Adillis smartDBforms.NET 2.6: smartDBforms.NET - The easiest way to create professional database web forms

Adillis smartDBforms.NET 2.6

interface templates and can redesign them using the design time surface of Visual Studio. You have full control over the mapping of data types to user interface templates. smartDBforms.NET provides a data source control which auto generates insert, update and delete statements. When reading the data it extracts the meta information which is used by the SmartDBView and SmartDBControl controls to select the proper user interface template. The template

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Multiple Interface Watcher 1.1.0: network utilisation graph utility using SNMP

Multiple Interface Watcher 1.1.0

Multiple Interface Watcher (MIW) is a graph utility that shows the utilisation of up to 20 different network interfaces. The interfaces are defined in a file which is read by MIW. The data is requested from the devices using SNMP and percentage values are calculated and shown in the graphs.

snmp, network, network utilisation, monitoring, miw exe, multiple interface watcher, graph utility

Interface Traffic Indicator SNMP graph utility to measure incoming and outgoing traffic on an interface.

Interface Traffic Indicator

Interface Traffic Indicator, inftraf.exe Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the Paypal link or Amazon wishlist on the author`s homepage. Please report bugs and feature requests to: What does it do and how does it work? Inftraf is a tool that requests IN/OUT octet data (MIB2) from SNMP-capable network interfaces. You can use this program in a professional network environment

outgoing, utilization, traffic, bytes sec, bits sec, snmp, monitoring, incoming, in and out

HSLAB Modem Monitor Lite Program for monitoring a status and performance of the remote device connection.

HSLAB Modem Monitor Lite

interface connection speed; -view remote interface name; -view remote interface connection performance (inbound, outbound, total speed and averages); -start up to eight custom programs on event based rules (events are two - when interface is connected and when disconnected); -terminate programs, which you start after interface was connected when connection will dropped; -terminate programs, which you start after interface was disconnected when connection

connection, status, modem, network monitoring, remote, monitoring, network interface, network interface monitoring, performance

Phone Dial by PC Dial/operate a phone connected to the serial com port interface RS-232.

Phone Dial by PC

interface, the commands can be executed by a parallel-connected modem. Phone Dial by PC runs under Windows™ XP/Vista/7 and operates a telephone with serial interface RS-232 (or side modem). The program is offered as shareware, all functions can be tested completely in advance. Features for telephony: - Operation of a phone (or side modem) connected via serial interface. - Serial interface RS-232, com ports COM1 toCOM8. - Operation by customizable

com1, windows, serial port, telephony, modem, program, com port, com3, serial interface, telephone, com4